Software Overview

Software Overview

Optimal Auctions first and foremost is a software company, providing best-in-class auction software for high-stakes and enterprise level auctions run by national governments, state agencies, and private corporations.

A version of Optimal Auctions software can be customized to meet every possible auction need. After 19 years of innovation, testing, and error-free use, Optimal Auctions software is the risk-free choice for highly scrutinized, high-stakes auction implementations.

Optimal Auctions is in a unique position to offer a well-tested and proven software solution that has been used in multiple successful auctions. Our competitors must create their auction software new for each client, and then test it rigorously in order to attempt to match our accuracy and precision. Inevitably, our competitors' solutions will have software problems, leading to defects and improper auction execution. With Optimal Auctions, these steps have already been done, giving our clients peace of mind and the assurance they are getting the best product, and the best quality, available for their auctions.

At Optimal Auctions we take security and confidentiality seriously. Our software is designed with security in mind at every step, as we realize the power of expert auction software is its ability to deliver results far and above those otherwise available. Fundamental in that belief is the elimination of any possible collusion or intrusion in the software. We utilize industry standard security measures throughout our software to create a secure and safe auction environment.

We believe strongly that our software is the best auction software in the industry. We have some of the best software developers in the world, working along side the top auction theory experts in the world, and the result is the best total auction solution available. Our technical expertise allows us to create and customize our auction solutions for each client faster than our competitors, and as a result, cheaper than our competitors as well. When you combine these two things - a better auction software product that is cheaper than our competitors - Optimal Auctions is absolutely the choice you should make for your critical auctions.