After many years of hosting high-stakes expert auction events, Optimal has developed a hosting solution that is secure and robust.

Computer Hardware Configuration:

  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 4 GB RAM or greater
  • 64 bit processor
  • 100 Mb Ethernet connection
  • Cisco Firewall

Optimal Auctions' Preferred Hardware Contractor is Datapipe

Optimal Auctions has exclusively used Datapipe for all of our auctions in the past 11 years, and we have come to trust their services to provide the excellent service and infrastructure we demand.

Utilizing a unique, fail-safe, intelligent network infrastructure and proprietary routing technology, Datapipe delivers unsurpassed speed, reliability and virtually unlimited scalability. For businesses, this translates into the enhanced agility required to stay competitive.

Infrastructure Built for Reliability and Scalability

Datapipe buys transit exclusively from Tier 1 backbone providers and has multiple gigabytes of provisioned data capacity. Their premium network is devoted exclusively to hosting and is hardened with multiple layers of redundancy and security.

Superior, Scalable Network

Around the clock and around the world, Datapipe delivers the best network performance in the industry. They do this by investing in the best available network infrastructure and maintaining multiple gigabits of provisioned bandwidth capacity. They are the only managed services solution with a core U.S. network that includes every Tier 1 backbone provider, including AT&T, Level 3, Sprint and UUNET. They also directly peer with multiple networks in multiple global locations, to substantially enhance the performance of our network.


Datapipe builds in 100% availability through multiple redundant network connections and a redundant router and switch configuration.

Faster, More Intelligent Routing

Though most providers utilize BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), the standard implementation of BGP does not take performance into account when routing traffic. Datapipe takes a more intelligent approach - and utilizes dynamically controlled BGP to provide intelligent, fail-safe routing, assure uptime and deliver superior performance. They continuously monitor network performance to Internet destinations and automatically route users to the fastest available connection, ensuring maximum connection speed with minimum latency.

Network Security

At Datapipe, all of the systems are designed to maintain a quality of service (QoS) by prioritizing packets to maintain an order of precedence. Each network device is equipped to filter out DDoS attacks. They utilize intelligent, multilayer access control to protect the network from the impact of attacks while reducing the risk of inadvertently discarding legitimate traffic.

Hardware Redundancy

They provide redundant servers in two locations across the world on a separate network that allows fast recovery from almost all disasters by using the warm spare server in another geographic location. Hardware configuration will be stored off site in a secure, fire proof environment to be used quickly in the extremely unlikely event that both locations are both off line or to reconfigure new hardware in the event of equipment failure.

Physical Security

Security personnel protect the facilities 24/7. Badge/photo ID access screening and biometric access screening are used for an added level of security. They require all visitors to pass through multi-layered security zones and be escorted at all times. Motion sensors and security breach alarms protect sensitive security areas. Security personnel continuously monitor video cameras installed throughout the centers.


Dual power availability to each rack unit from independent power distribution units (PDUs), removing PDU loss as a single point of failure. To ensure stable connectivity, they provide a redundant Need+1 (N+1) design of uninterruptible power supplies using two separate power feeds from separate power grids. Five redundant standby generators are equipped with 72 hours of diesel fuel on site, and two contractors are on call to refuel the storage tanks.

Disaster Control

Their world-class facilities feature seismically braced racks and are designed to withstand disastrous conditions, ensuring that our systems and equipment continue to run even under extreme conditions. A second point of presence is always available to clients seeking fail-safe redundancy.

Environmental Controls

The facility maintains a Need+1 (N+1) system of cooling towers, water pumps and chillers to maintain a controlled environment. Conditions are a uniform 72 degrees with 50% relative humidity. Multiple air handling units provide another level of redundancy to further ensure consistently sound environmental conditions.

Fire Protection

Fire detection and suppression systems ensure 24/7 protection of your critical systems. Dual fire detection systems and VESDA fire alarm systems are in constant operation. A multi-zone pre-action dry pipe system allows any necessary suppression to be contained within the affected area. Conditions elsewhere will not be disrupted.


  • 200 GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • Virtual Private Network for secure access
  • Server access through Remote Desktop

All the systems are designed to maintain a quality of service (QoS) by prioritizing packets to maintain an order of precedence. Each network device is equipped to filter out DDoS attacks. They offer intelligent, multilayer access control to protect the network from the impact of attacks while reducing the risk of inadvertently discarding legitimate traffic. DataPipe's US Network is powered by OC48 -192 backbones. They buy transit from multiple Tier 1 backbone providers, including AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, Sprint and UUNET, and have multi-gigabytes of high quality provisioned data capacity with virtually unlimited scalability. In addition, they have direct peering arrangements with many providers, substantially increasing the performance of the network. They do not purchase bandwidth from any "discount" providers. The two hosting centers are each served by multiple communications service providers with extensive bandwidth availability on each. In the event of a rare total communication outage for one of the hosting facilities, the other hosting facility will be available as a warm spare with full communications redundancy there as well.

Intrusion Prevention

DataPipe utilizes Blink combining the best elements of an intrusion prevention system, system and application firewall, internal policy enforcer, and vulnerability assessment engine into a single, comprehensive solution. Blink delivers maximum host-level protection via continuous, non-intrusive multi-layer vulnerability monitoring and prevention.

  • Host Based Intrusion Prevention
  • Application Firewall
  • Local Vulnerability Assessment
  • AntiSpyware/AntiMalware
  • AntiPhishing
  • AntiSpam

Operating System and Non-Application Software Hardening

Operating System configuration and non-application software configuration will be documented with a step-by-step configuration and installation procedure. They do regular operating system and antivirus updates and have an intrusion detection system to prevent disasters before they occur.

Application Software Data Backup and Restoration

Software will be configured to provide automatic round by round data copying to an offsite location. All copied data will be installed to the warm stand-by server in the event of a failure at the primary location.


  • 24 x 7 x 365 system & network monitoring & live support
  • 24 x 7 x 365 live tech support
  • server administration,
  • advanced server monitoring,
  • security administration,
  • firewall administration,
  • data integrity and backup administration and restore,
  • atabase administration and management,
  • performance management, applications management,
  • hardware and operating system management,
  • intelligent content distribution service,
  • high availability data and computing services,
  • storage services,
  • managed security,
  • general administrative expertise
  • Installation of security patches and software upgrades