Software Auditability


Optimal Auctions software allows an auction administrator to monitor all aspects of the bidders' interactions with the software. We not only allow a client to monitor them in real-time, but also store all the data so that a client can review the bidder information after the auction completes. We understand that many of our clients have robust and demanding audit requirements, which we are able to meet and exceed for them.

Our belief is that our software should be so good and so exact, that we can tell the auction administrator every mouse click the bidder made during the auction, every page loaded during the auction, every report they looked at, the exact times they logged on and logged off, the messages they sent, and of course, the bids they placed during the auction. We store all of this information and make it available for the auction administrator to download and analyze at any point in the auction.

Additionally, we monitor a number of things to ensure proper security during the auction, including a report that montiors who is logged in to the software, and our industry unique location report, which tells you where in the world each bidder is logged in from.

Activity Audit

Our software literally tracks every mouse click the bidders make during the auction and stores that information in a log file. This log file, in theory, could be parsed and analyzed and allow an auction administrator to recreate the entire auction for each bidder. This would allow an in-depth analysis of bidders and bidder behavior during the auction. These steps could be reconstructed so that auction administrators can find and identify collusion in an auction, or other odd bidder behavrior. Clients can also analyze this data to help refine their auction rules from auction-to-auction. In this era of Big Data, we at Optimal Auctions are in line with the modern way of thinking, that you can never have too much information about your users.

This particular report shows all the bidder information from each mouse click in one large report. Administrators can download this report at any time in the auction.

Location Report

Optimal Auctions is excited to use this innovative report, which we believe is the only report of its kind in the auction software industry. With this report, we show the auction administrator where in the world each bidder is logging in from. The benefits of this information should be obvious: if a client knows all their bidders are supposed to be logging in from a single state or single country, seeing a bidder logged in from China or Russia on this report would alert them to a possible problem.

This report adds to the security and auditability of our software by allowing administrators to monitor illicit use of a username and password in the auction software.

Session Report

Our software also contains a report which shows auction administrators which bidders are currently interacting with the software. We have 3 levels of activity that the software monitors - Pinging Users (users who have the software open in their browser and are talking to our server behind the scenes), Active Users (users who have the software in their browser and have clicked their mouse in the last minute), and Logged-In Users (users who are logged in to the software, but may or may not have the auction loaded in their browser right now).

This report has the advantage of showing auction administrators who is currently logged in to the software and gives them insight into which of their bidders are participating in each auction, which bidders are logged in at various stages of the auction, and which bidders are active in the auction right now.

In addition to viewing this report, the auction software also provides a small panel to auction administrators on every screen, letting them take a quick glance at who is logged in at any point of the auction.

Bids Placed Audit

At any point in the auction, an auction administrator has the ability to export all the bids placed so far in the auction into a CSV file. This gives the auction administrator the ability to examine and run data checks on the bids. It also allows them to work with the bids off-line, in cases where custom reports are already in place. CSV files can be opened and saved using Excel.

Messages Sent Audit

Finally, we offer the ability to export all the messages sent between auction administrators and bidders during the auction. This allows auction administrators to keep a firm record of all communications that took place in the auction.