Current and Past Clients

Through the years we've been in a business, we've had dozens of clients who are pleased with the results of their engagements with Optimal Auctions. Many of our clients continue to choose us, year-after-year, due to our long track record of successful auctions. Below is a sample of our auction experience, and presents a diverse view at our highest profile engagements.

Rio Tinto Rough Diamond Auction

Rio Tinto Rough Diamond Auctions 2013-2018

Optimal Auctions provides the auction software to Rio Tinto Diamonds, allowing them to sell their rough diamonds to a large number of potential buyers, helping them to find the market price for their rough diamonds. The rough diamond sale process has been upended in the past 5 years by auction software, disrupting the old DeBeers model of monopolistic pricing to their sightholders. Optimal Auctions is at the forefront of this revolution, providing the easiest-to-use and most effective auction software in the diamond industry, and providing a true market price to 10% of the world's diamonds.

"The new auction platform complements our existing business model of placing a majority of our production through Supply Agreements, with a more limited proportion of production made available for sale to a wider selection of customers. The design of the platform is based on extensive customer feedback, which clearly stated that our customers would value a user-friendly and time-efficient system."
Patrick Coppens, General Manager of Sales, Rio Tinto Diamonds
New Jersey BGS Electricity Auction

New Jersey Basic Generation Services 2002-2018

Optimal Auctions collaborated in the rules design, event management and implementation of a Simultaneous Descending Clock Auction on behalf of PSE&G, JCP&L, ACECO and RECO purchasing full requirements in one-year and three-year contracts for total of 18,000MW of generation annually. Optimal reviewed and updated the auction rules and customized our proprietary Optimal Auctions software platform. Optimal Auctions provided expert auction software, supported bidder training sessions, event security and results monitoring, and post-auction analysis.

"The fact that the auction results mean that the majority of New Jersey's residential customers will pay less is good news. I commend President Fox and the NJ Board of Public Utilities for continuing to support my administration's goal to put the needs of New Jersey's families first."
New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey
AEP Electricity Auction

Ohio AEP 2014-2018

These quarterly electricity auctions allow AEP to procure electricity supply in the state of Ohio and provide an increasingly popular means to control the prices of electricity in the wholesale market. The auction format is a simultaneous descending price clock auction, with sophisticated increment formulas determining the change in prices every round.
Belgium 4G LTE Auction

Belgium BIPT 800 MHz Spectrum Auction 2013

This spectrum auction of the 800 MHz band of spectrum was held in 2014 to assist the nation of Belgium to fairly disburse their LTE spectrum, paving the way for the future of high speed wireless internet in Belgium. Optimal Auctions provided the auction software, an SMRA auction with 3 products that did not allow high bidder switching.
Pennsylvania PennPower Electricity Auction

Pennsylvania Met-Ed/Penelec/PennPower 2010-2012

These quarterly auctions innovated the new Parallel Simultaneous Descending Clock Auction format, where bidders could participate in multiple descending clock auctions at the same time, with eligibility rules, weights, prices, and increment rules differing between each auction. Each auction was presented on the same bidding screen and reports, thereby allowing the auction administrators to run two auctions in parallel, while appearing to bidders as if they are participating in only one auction.
Sweden PTS 1800 MHz Spectrum Auction

Sweden PTS 1800 MHz 2011

Optimal Auctions designed and supplied the software the for Sweden PTS 1800 MHz auction. This auction was a combinatorial clock auction that contained unique rules for the designation of surplus lots after the clock auction portion, and additionally unique rules for the assignment portion of the auction. Optimal Auctions successfully completed this multi-week auction and won rave reviews from Sweden PTS for our efforts.
Denmark NITA 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 410 MHz Spectrum Auction

Denmark NITA 900MHz, 1800MHz, & 410MHz 2010

These 3 auctions were designed specifically for NITA, using unique round closing rules for each auction. The software was configured so that the round closed immediately upon the first bidder bidding in a round, making the schedule for the auction dynamic, and the number of rounds in the auction dynamic as well. In addition to these specified rules, 2 of these auctions also included the option for bidders to place a maximum bid (proxy bid), thereby complicating the high bid price algorithm. Optimal Auctions successfully completed all 3 auctions, with similar rules but each slightly different, in a 6 week time period.
New Jersey Solar REC Auction

Solar Rec 2009-2018

The Solar Rec auction was conceived to create a market and a price for New Jersey's Solar Energy Credits. This auction was put together by one of the leading electricity companies in New Jersey, PSE&G. The auction was held quarterly and sold 2500 solar credits each quarter, innovating the way these energy credits are bought and sold in the industry. The first such auction in the United States, we anticipate these auctions to become a growing part of the "green revolution".
Finland FICORA Spectrum Auction

Finland FICORA 2500MHz 2009

An SMR auction that handled 15 spectrum licenses in the 2.6 GHz band with varying eligibility weights and prices. The software was adapted to deal with the unique SMR rules designed for the auction, including high-bidder switching, waivers, and price resettings.
Sweden PTS 3.6 GHz Spectrum Auction

Sweden PTS 3.6 GHz 2007

Optimal Auctions managed the PTS auction for their 3.6GHz SMR auction. The Optimal Auctions software handled 50 bidders bidding on 12 products over a 7 day span. The software was adapted to handle many auction-specific eligibility rules and waiver rules.
Illinois Electricity Auction

Illinois Clock Auction 2006-2007

Optimal Auctions developed software to implement a clock auction for electricity capacity for Illinois, a Midwestern United States state. This was a Simultaneous Descending Clock Auction format for full requirements and other services for several different customer classes and distribution companies.
Medipent Medical Debt Auction

Medipent Receivables Placement 2005 - 2008

Optimal wrote the auction rules and customized Optimal Auctions software for Medipent's auctions of contracts with collection agencies to service delinquent healthcare receivables.

Global Debt Auctions 2006 - 2007

Optimal wrote the auction rules and customized Optimal Auctions software for Global Debt Auctions' sale of delinquent accounts receivables or bad debt. Global Debt Auctions used a modified Simultaneous Round Auction with handicapping and included an automated workflow process for debt sellers and buyers. Access to information is tiered to protect sellers' strategic customer data and the process ensures that only sincere parties participate in the auctions.
DFS Portfolio Debt Auction

DFS Portfolio Auction 2004

Optimal Auctions designed, managed and implemented an expert auction on behalf of three trusts holding commercial and retail medical receivables including judgments, complaints, consumer receivables, interest and fees. Optimal Auctions provided comprehensive auction management service including auction rules, regulatory and legal support, a document management solution, marketing, a bidder information session, application processing, a tutorial, training sessions, war-room setup, our proprietary Optimal Auctions Software, event monitoring, and post-auction analysis.

"The DFS Portfolio auction exceeded our expectations. After using Optimal Auctions' expert auction process it is clear to me that not all auction consultants or auction software are alike. I highly recommend their process for pricing receivables and for ensuring a fair, competitive, and arms-length transaction with all the participants."
Al Kirchhein, Scouler Andrews LLC
Texas Electricity Auction

Texas Capacity Auctions, Quarterly Auctions 2002-2005

The three largest power generating companies TX Genco, TXU and AEP were selling 15% of their capacity (est. $2B) through auctions mandated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to help transition to a deregulated market. Optimal Auctions wrote new auction regulations and provided written and oral testimony in support of the regulations, pulled together all stakeholders into a consensus and provided a turn-key solution for the consortium of utilities.

"We adopted Optimal Auctions' recommendation to use expert auctions to increase competition for electricity procurement and we are pleased with the results."
Commissioner Brett Perlman, Texas Public Utility Commission
New England Electricity Auction

ISO New England, NY ISO and PJM

Optimal Auctions participated in a multi-disciplinary team to study and design the capacity market for the three Independent System Operators (ISOs) in the Northeast. The capacity market will provide incentives for building new generation that will be paid by the load serving entities (est. $4B/yr).
Singapore 3G Spectrum Auction

Singapore 3G

Optimal Auctions worked closely with our partner to design specific auction rules. Optimal Auctions designed and implemented auction software based on those rules, and assisted with analyzing inconsistencies in the rules to help iron them out prior to the auction. Prepared bidder training, onsite installation and onsite operation as well as assisting with the setup of remote installation.
Austrian & Germany 3G Spectrum Auction

Austrian 3G & Germany 3G

Optimal Auctions designed and customized our Optimal Auctions Software platform to replicate the government auction in order to assist bidders with the development of their bidding strategies. In addition, Optimal Auctions developed a separate bid tracking software, to gather and process bid information to assist with bidder decision making during the auction. Auction was for multiple licenses, where the bidders were required to win either two or three of the licenses.
Italy 3G Spectrum Auction

Italy 3G

The Italian Ministry of Communications auctioned 3G mobile wireless and Broadband spectrum licenses, with an auction value of approximately $13 billion. Optimal Auctions customized, tested, and implemented our Optimal Auctions Software platform for the Italian 3G auction, based on auction rules developed in conjunction with economic consulting firm NERA.
Guatemala Auction


Market design and SMR auction software developed for the Secretary of International Communications
Alberta Electricity Auction

Alberta Electricity Auction

The Alberta government auctioned the electrical output from 11 of the province's generating plants. The auction was for full requirements annual contracts for multiple years with individual companies buying from the government. Total value of contracts awarded was $2B. Optimal Auctions assisted an influential an ultimately successful bidder with analyzing the auction rules, auction day planning, and onsite real-time bid strategy. Optimal Auctions implemented software according to the Alberta PPA auction rules and the software was used to assist a client's executives to refine their bidding strategy before and during the auction. Optimal Auctions assisted the client in analyzing the rules to formulate a strategy that would safely maximize the client's chance of winning and at the same time reduce their risk portfolio.
Italy LMDS Spectrum Auction

Italy LMDS

Optimal Auctions collaborated on the design of the auction rules and implemented expert auction software for Italy's LMDS auction where the government sold multiple licenses in multiple regions in two frequency bands.
Canada Auction


Auction software developed for Industry Spectrum Management Agency
Mexico Spectrum Auction


Market design and SMR software developed for Commicion Federale de Telecommunicaciones