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As the future of energy changes, the way in which companies deal with the costs of producing it will change as well. Clean-energy auctions, the sale of offsets or renewable energy credits, is one way to move our energy industry forward, by rewarding companies who produce power in a clean way, and allowing them to treat this as an asset with value that can be traded. Companies that wish to buy/sell carbon offsets or renewable credits have one main issue though - due to the lack of liquidity in the market, values are tough to determine. Rather than using a broker (and paying their exhorbitant fees) more and more companies are turning to auctions and software companies like Optimal Auctions to run their clean-energy auctions.


A Clean-Energy auction is so incredibly simple once you see it in action, you'll question why every country and every state aren't using it already. Bidders use our Tranche Auction software to bid on the number of offsets they'd like to purchase at the going price. Each round, the price of a single offset goes up (in ascending price) or down (in descending price), and bidders withdraw volume as the price changes. At a certain point in the auction, when the offsets have reached a certain price level, the demand for offsets equals the supply, and the auction ends. The auction is incredibly efficient, with most ending in a few hours and the cost usually being 75% less than a broker.

  • Easy to Set-Up for Regulators
  • Easy to Understand for Bidders
  • Produces Efficient Results Quickly with no Transaction Costs
  • Easy to Control Bidders Credit and Access to Bidding



An Ascending Price Tranche Auction that auctions off thousands of tranches of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) by clean-energy producers to carbon producers to offset their production.


A Descending Price Tranche Auction that sold methane offset credits to producers of the greenhouse gas.


We would be incredibly happy to show you a demonstration of our clean-energy auction software. We are confident that once you see how the software works, and how easily it controls every aspect of your auction, you will never go back to using an Excel spreadsheet. Our software takes care of everything you could imagine - exact timing of rounds, ensuring bids are received in time, ensuring bids adhere to eligility rules, and thousands of other things. Plus, it runs right in your browser, so anyone with a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone can use our software.

We will be happy to talk with you about your auction software needs, and will help answer any questions you might have. We know that our clean-energy auction software is the best the world. You'll learn the same thing all of our recurring clients have found - once you use our clean-energy auction software, you'll never want to use anything else again.

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