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Optimal Auctions Bidder Support - Refine Your Bidding Strategy

Optimal Auctions is the world leader in providing auction software for helping auction participants prepare their strategy for upcoming auctions. Optimal Auctions has provided the software that has helped multiple companies prepare and refine their bidding strategy for recent auctions, including the Spanish 4G auctions, the Irish 4G auctions, UK's Ofcom 4G auction, as well as many others.

Optimal Auctions is increasingly becoming the preferred provider of spectrum practice software for bidders in the wireless auction industry. In every wireless auction around the world, companies who will be bidding in the auction turn to us to provide software that will meet the regulator's auction rules and auction design exactly.

We will perfectly match the auction rules of the regulator, letting bidders practice EXACTLY the same auction they will particpate in during the real auction.

Optimal Auctions is able to provide auction software for any type of auction format - clock auctions, SMR auctions, and even combinatorial clock auctions (CCA).

The Bidder Support Package

Our Bidder Support Package includes everything you would need to prepare for your auction.

  • A web-based auction software interface that does not require you to install any plugins or 3rd party software. Our competitors require you to install 3rd party plugins to use their software, meaning you must have technical expertise available. If you can buy something on, you can use Optimal Auctions' software.
  • A robust and highly customizable reporting system. Currently the auction software provides 22 ready-to-go reports that provide information about the auction in varying formats and with varying information.
  • Customization of our auction software to meet the auction rules of the auction you are preparing for, so you can practice your bidding strategy using the exact same rules as you will see in your auction.
  • Customization of our auction software to meet the user interface of the auction you are preparing for, so you can feel comfortable using the software during the actual auction.
  • Customization of the database so you can adapt our software to prepare for specific situations in the auction, and to prepare with certain bidders in your auction. Do you know who's going to be in your upcoming auction? Then put them in our software and run a few mock auctions with them.
  • Dedicated 24/7 access to the software for as long as you need it. Your team can run practice auctions any day and at any time. No restrictions on when you can use our software to practice.
  • Dedicated server for your auction. No need to worry about uptime or downtime, changing IP addresses, or any technical issues at all. Just use the software when you want to, and let us worry about the technology issues.
  • Complete privacy - we will never share our software with other users at any time, and you will have the option to secure an exclusive license for a particular auction.
  • Anonymous login pages with no branding to ensure your security and privacy. No one will know you are using Optimal Auctions' software to prepare for your upcoming auction.
  • Training by Optimal Auctions to ensure that you know how to use the software effectively, thereby getting the most return for your training investment.
  • Ongoing support, so if the rules or regulations of your auction changes, we will adapt our software to meet these changes. This ensures you are always practicing your strategy using the same rules as the real auction.
All of this is available with a quick 2-3 week turnaround time!

Pricing - Call Us 1-512-947-8273

The price of our Bidder Support package is extremely affordable, especially considering the amount of money at stake in your auction. The exact price depends on the rules of the auction, so please give us a call to discuss your auction needs and get an exact price.

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