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Optimal Auctions provides expert auction software, software customization services, and auction management services to economic consultants, state and federal governments, and leading corporations. Optimal Auctions is a best-in-class software company dedicated to supporting economic consultants in any situation where auctions offer a superior economic choice to traditional brokered transactions.

Our software is a fully-featured software package that offers every commonly-used auction format, including Simultaneous Multiple Round (SMR), Simultaneous Ascending/Descending Clock (Clock), Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCA), & Advanced Dutch Auctions.

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Electricity Auction

Electricity Auctions

Around the world, electric power industries are being restructured to substitute competition for regulation as a means to continue expanding services while controlling costs. Our auction designs complement the unique characteristics of electric power markets such as product definition and risk allocation.

Governmental agencies and companies have chosen us to design, host, and administer energy power auctions. We have enabled significant savings for them by creating a more competitive electricity market.

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Telecommunications Spectrum Auction

Spectrum Auctions

The increase in the number of wireless subscribers and the introduction of high-bandwidth, data-rich applications have significantly increased the demand for radio spectrum. Governments everywhere recognize the centrality of robust and cost-effective telecommunications services to economic growth.

Optimal Auctions has recognized leading experts in the area of telecommunications with many years experience in numerous spectrum auctions around the world. Our experience in design and implementation of spectrum auctions includes the Sweden 1800MHz auction, the Denmark 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 410MHz auction, and the Finland 2500MHz auction.

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Solar Auction

Solar REC Auctions

The recent growing interest in earth-friendly energy has also driven a secondary market used to promote the use of these energy sources beyond what the normal market would otherwise support. Part of these secondary markets are the transfer of Solar Energy Credits, which companies can use to offset the cost of consuming carbon-releasing energy sources.

As this burgeoning market begins to take shape, the uncertainties far outweigh the certainties, and thus produce a market where those who buy and sell the credits can not rely on a traditional broker model to act as the middleman.

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Gemstone Auction

Gemstone Auctions

The demand for precious gems is growing quickly, with the sales of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, and turquoise increasing annually. As sales increase, it becomes tougher and tougher to find an accurate market value for both rough and polished gem stones.

The solution to this pricing problem is auction software. Our auction software can bring together a market to quickly find the market price, and ensure that you are receiving the maximum value for your precious gems.

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Commodity Auction

Commodity Auctions

The market has well established prices for commodities like gold and silver, but how do you properly price commodities that don't trade very often? How does a company determine the price to buy and the price to sell? The answer is commodity auctions. If you're trying to sell items that are tough to price like rare earth elements, diamonds, or minerals, an auction is the best way to bring together buyers and sellers under an industry-best set of rules, construct the demand curve properly through software driven means, and ensure that the commodities are traded at a true, efficient market-driven price. Our software will help you price the hard-to-price items you need to sell.

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About Optimal Auctions

Since 1998, Optimal Auctions has provided expert auction solutions based on three core competencies which improve the competitiveness of transactions; applied microeconomics and game theory, best-business practices, and expert auction software.

The Optimal Auctions team has a successful track record supporting over $155 billion of mission critical expert auctions. We are the leading provider of expert auction software because it's all we do. Our auction team has unmatched experience designing expert auctions. We collaborate with industry-specific experts in many functional areas including finance, valuation, competition analysis, public policy, market analyses, regulation, and business goal assessment. We provide our clients with knowledgeable and client-specific solutions.

We focus on solving a wide range of client challenges in the sale or procurement of many different assets, resources, and property rights or obligations. Increasingly, expert auctions are being used in a multitude of diverse environments. These include online procurement and the substitution of expert auctions for negotiations where the stakes are high, the value of the assets uncertain, and the time-frame compacted. Many governments are using expert to sell spectrum licenses, state-owned assets, or requiring regulated industries to use expert auctions to increase competition.

As the use of expert auctions is adopted by more companies, industries and government agencies, there is a need to ensure that auctions are well designed, well understood by all participants, and intelligently implemented. This will ensure an optimal outcome free from challenge by participants or regulators.

Optimal Auctions provides proven expert auction advice and implementation. Our professionals have unparalleled economic and business expertise that will ensure a successful transaction outcome.

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